Saturday, September 12, 2009

Death comes, in a flash of light

The sun is ablaze, the ground is scorched
By the rays that seem to engulf
Life everywhere, in a haze of death.
The mind is on fire-
The timeless, ageless blaze of fury
That drowns out the voice of reason.
And, all around, the incendiary fumes
From the raging fires
Fill the already-noxious air.
The winds have stopped;
Perhaps even they feared
To tread the way of dancing death.
And he, all alone,
Is treading the way slowly, but surely
That will lead him to his end.
Everything is behind him-
All despair, pain and hatred;
It is an old story now.
No regrets, no sadness,
No pining for what does not come;
The mind is still, and calm.
The fires glower stronger, the fumes thicken,
The blazing earth says 'goodbye'.
Time stands still, as if in a thrall.
Death comes, in a flash of light
That darkens out the sun,
And leads him to silence, forever.

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