Thursday, January 14, 2010

Birth of a daughter

The birth of a daughter is a wonderful feeling. All those months of expectation and trepidation finally bearing fruit, and to hold the small bundle in your hands, not believing she’s actually here- it is truly an out-of-the world feeling.

The first night was hectic. Frequent awakenings, as the little thing took her time adjusting to a new environment, changing of nappies and the feeding schedules… all the time not really knowing how to mange a 3.3 kg human who has just come into the world….. but it was very memorable. When the nurse laid her on the bed beside me, there was such an exquisite feeling of tenderness inside that I felt overwhelmed!

Now Mom-in-law has taken charge, and she is really a great help! The baby wakes up at night, cries for feed or nappy-change or simply because she wants to, and goes back to sleep.

Everyone says she’s a beautiful child. All children are beautiful, but parents do like to believe that their child is extra-special!

Here’s wishing the best to her. She will turn out to be a really lovely kid.


Raksha said...

Hi Abhi

Read your blog

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JODIDO said...

Remember ? We met in Delhi after 10 years and it was just when your baby girl was born on January 14 th !

Abhi said...

Thanks. I will do so.