Monday, July 27, 2009


It was quite a torrent today, and I can still hear the vehicles outside my house, crawling on the Outer Ring Road. Guess there have been traffic snarls.It's been an unusually heavy shower for Delhi.

When I came out of office, the skies were already dark grey, clouds hovering. A bout of heavy rain had just taken place.

Driving back home was not really an ordeal, as there was not much of a traffic congestion.I was one of the lucky early ones.

The torrential rain was back by the time I reached home, and then I thought...why not?Let's get drenched after a long, long time. Call it madness, call it impulsiveness.. I went out into the rain with my jeans and shirt completely drenched, head to toe, and loved every minute of it.

If times like this could come every day.

It's been a dry year so far, but if the rains arrive like this even a few times, I think we are pretty lucky.

The rains have stopped now, and I guess it will be one more day of inclement weather tomorrow.

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