Thursday, July 30, 2009

Goodbye; Calcutta,2009

Everytime I leave this city behind,
There’s this bittersweet feeling,
And the journey of the mind
Of going home, where I belong,
Yet leaving a part of me here behind
Forever in this city.
I wonder but I cannot fathom
Why it’s so happy to go back home
But yet so hard to say to leave this place,
Yet so hard to say goodbye.

The raindrops fall on the tarmac,
Clouds fill the city sky,
But I still do not know
Why it’s so hard to say goodbye.
The airplane lounges forward
I see the city in the distance,
In three hours, I’ll be back
To home and hearth, and my work-
But still as we leave the city
And hit the city sky;
Tears well up inside me
‘Cause it’s so hard to say “goodbye”.

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