Sunday, March 18, 2012

Out on the road

Had a good time on the bike today, after a long, long time. The old Yamaha machine sputtered a bit, but behaved well otherwise. Rode out on the Bangalore highway and then towards Hinjewadi. It seemed like déjà vu- Hyderabad once more- vast expanses of land, with gleaming, glass and chrome buildings and neat, immaculately maintained roads. I rode out till the end of the IT park and industrial zone.

The bistros and restaurants seemed full, doing good business on a Sunday evening. The roads were deserted, as they usually are in this part of the city.

And then, as one exits, one is faced by the usual spectacle of broken roads and shanties. Talk about darkness in the shadow of the lamp! Good roads are a luxury to have, unless of course you live in the hallowed IT zone. Classical example of misplaced priorities!


Mira said...

very true. Are you from Pune?

We too like long drive and now monsoon is going to start. soon everywhere nature will spread its green carpet! Good old days hm....

congratulations for the awesome blogger award. Best wishes to win more laurels. Happy to follow you.

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