Saturday, November 5, 2011

Foggy, unreal city

As Delhi gets ready for the harshness of winter once again, here are my remembrances on the city that I used to know:

Unreal City

Delhi, Winter, 2010

Foggy, unreal city,

Night at day.

The sunrays have bid goodbye,

The moist air strikes the skin

Like a cold sabre.

Dark, shrouded characters

Seen through the haze;

Scurrying crowds,

Hurrying in the mist.

The spark of a welder

At a construction site;

Fire meets water.

Dimmed lights glow

Inside cavernous buildings.

Fog lights of passing vehicles

Cut through the haze;

Dust rises from the wheels,

Mixes with the fog

And forms a cumulus.

The white, moist cloud

Flies around buildings,

Nuzzles across window panes;

And thus having made its journey,

Quietly hangs fluttering

Like a bat from the trees.

Mist rises from the water,

And hangs above the frothy canal;

The cold wind blows

From the snowy, distant north.

Huddled by the roadside,

Freezing limbs are warmed by

Blazing fires.

Foggy, unreal city,

Night at day;

Life goes on.

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